Swyyge Pricing

At Swygge we believe in transparency and in order to help you to make the right buying decision, our prices must be explained in some detail.

If you are considering buying a cocktail from one of the many other cocktail providers out there it may have left you feeling a bit conflicted with which one to go with. This is why we have created the ultimate cocktail provider vetting checklist if you need more information on how to choose the best provider.

In the meantime though, we have put together a guide below, which explains why Swygge costs what it costs, to help put your mind at rest with how and whom we operate with.

Our Pricing

1 | We only work with the best quality and forward thinking suppliers who source succulent, fresh produce, which is then cold pressed to release the best of the nutrients and flavour thus increasing the cocktails shelf life in the process. It’s 100% pure juice, the way nature intended without the added sugar.

2 | All the ingredients that go into your cocktails are natural and fresh. Never pasteurised nor do they have preservatives added, so you know exactly what’s gone into your body.

3 | We use crafted spirits in all our cocktails, and work with some of the biggest and best alcoholic and non-alcoholic spirit brands, which make your drinks that much more elevated. Beware some providers only use cheap fruit-based spirits meaning this lowers the quality of the cocktail.

4 | Our drinks have been developed by industry experts who have a long-standing knowledge in the art of mixology. It can take years of knowledge, practice, and experience to hone these skills. Ultimately it is a science and therefore if you are buying a cocktail you will want to know that your drink has been blended with expertise and skill, giving you that bar quality cocktail that you deserve.

5 | Our drinks are made with an ethical outlook on life. We only source ingredients that have ethical standards, which do not harm people, the planet or animals. We believe in being kind and having our Hygge ethos reflected across our cocktail range for your contentment.

6 | We only work with suppliers that are local where possible and who have good sustainability credentials. We also contribute towards helping the climate crisis by donating a portion of our revenue to help scale emerging carbon technologies. We do this because we want to be a humble brand that makes you feel confident and comfortable by choosing a Swygge cocktail.

7 | We operate on a zero-waste policy, if we have leftover produce this goes into making our own crafted cordials and liqueurs which then go into your cocktails. You can rest assured that there is nothing nasty in your drinks and our flavours are completely our own, giving you beautifully crafted and clean cocktails.

8 | All our packaging is recyclable, so when you purchase a Swygge cocktail you know you are not contributing to harmful waste.

9 | We pay a premium at our factory to make sure we are accountable for disposing our waste and rubbish responsibly, without it ending up in landfill. Giving you the confidence that you are buying from a trustworthy cocktail provider.

10 | We use the greenest delivery company in the UK to deliver your cocktails next day at a reasonable cost, in fact we actually absorb 25% of the actual shipping cost to make it cheaper for you. Our delivery provider also makes it super easy for you to track your parcels and make changes throughout the delivery process.

11 | Swygge has sourced the relevant HACCP and SALSA accreditation, so you can rest assured that your cocktails are made to the highest hygiene standards.

We at Swygge want you to feel at ease when you purchase one of our drinks, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are able to enjoy a cocktail knowing exactly what has gone in it, where it has come from how it has been made. All the while having confidence that we as a humble brand have you, the planet and animals at the forefront of our mind, regardless of how much it costs us.