Swygge's Top 6 Low & No Brands

It’s no secret that in recent times there has been a huge shift in the drinks industry and within drinking culture as a whole – a realisation of how important our health is to us, that we shouldn’t have to rely on alcohol to have a good time, that you can still make delicious beverages without the hard stuff. This movement has been met by some incredible innovations in the No alcohol/Low Alcohol category (now affectionately known as ’NoLos’).
Creations that not only stand up to their inebriating counter parts, but have their very own identities, bold and complex flavour profiles, and staunch character. Here are a few of our favourites, and certainly ones to add to your shopping list if you’re looking to celebrate, socialise or unwind with a delicious (low alcohol) beverage. 


1. Sipsmith FreeGlider 

The newest addition to Sipsmith’s showstopping range. London’s sweetheart distillery, the Ginnovators as we like to call them, have been the pioneers of Gin production since they paddled onto the scene in spectacular fashion in 2008, changing the face of the British drinks industry from the outset. Never showing signs of slowing down, Sipsmith have gifted us another delight.

FreeGlider is a flattering cousin to Sipsmith’s previous expressions. Beautifully delicate, intricately floral, with the unmistakable companionship of Juniper. A refreshing, reviving tipple that transports you immediately to that first day of Spring.

Top up with the tonic of your choice, or thrown into any classic cocktail, FreeGlider tells its own delicious story, so be liberal with your measures – there are no drawbacks with this one remember.

Cocktail idea: Try Sipsmith FreeGlider with a Clover Club!

Where can I get one? You can grab yours via the Sipsmith website here.


2. Pentire

Launched in the year 2019, Pentire are quickly becoming the name-to-know in the world of Non-alcoholic distilled spirits, having already snapped up some highly

coveted awards. A bottled embodiment of the holistic lifestyle, Pentire is championing all of life’s activities that make you feel good; yoga, surf, connecting with nature, hanging out with friends. Accompanied by a flavour profile to match; our personal favourite ‘Seaward’ is fresh, nourishing, verdant, with a salt-of-the-earth depth of flavour to it that is intensely satisfying.

So join us in this Cornish revolution, pour yourself a Pentire and you’ll be scheduling your next trip to the beach before you know it.

Cocktail idea: Checkout Swygge's Headland High, delicious twist on a Paloma

Where can I get one? You can grab yours via the Pentire website here.


3. Noughty

At Swygge we love the term ‘pioneer’, and everything it stands for. That’s why we love Noughty, who have seemingly done the impossible in crafting an alcohol-free bottle that delivers on every delicious element of a top of the range sparkling wine (and then some) and doing it without using a trace of animal product, by using only organically sourced ingredients and leaving it completely untarnished by added sugar.

Perfect for every occasion, delightfully crisp and with the unmistakable sharp charm of Chardonnay grapes, Noughty will have you wondering why you ever needed the booze in the first place.

Cocktail idea: So delicious as a Kir Royale!

Where can I get one? You can get yours via the Noughty website here.


4. Nine Elms No.18

Fortunately for us, the exploration of the No/Lo Alcohol market for discerning drinkers has blessed us not only with some fantastic alternatives to spirits, sparkling wine and beer, but also some more exotic and enchanting possibilities. Nine Elms’ creation ‘No.18’ is one such adventure.

An exquisitely alluring bottle that contains an indulgent and satisfying liquid – Boasting a bountifully rich and aromatic flavour profile, No.18 is the perfect balance of ripe red berry and full-bodied zest.

Great company for food and friends, you can enjoy the No.18 with dinner or mixed into a variety of cocktails, both classic and bespoke. Get creative with this one!

Cocktail idea: Nine Elms works so great with ice and tonic. 

Where can I get one? You can get yours on Amazon here


5. Aecorn ‘Bitter’

A real No-Lo Alcohol aperitif!? Now you’re talking. This is certainly one for all those mature palettes out there, and a guaranteed favourite with any bartender. Aecorn have captured everything golden about European drinking culture flawlessly with this creation.

A perfect prerequisite to dinner and a trendy treat to enjoy al fresco basking in the late afternoon sun. By its own proclamation ‘unapologetically bitter’, Aecorn is a must have for fans of time honoured favourites such as the aperitivo spritz and the Negroni.

Like us, there’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with this brightly complex and flavourful liquid.

Cocktail idea: Aecorn and Sipsmith FreeGlider work great with soda.

Where can I get it? You can get yours via the Ocado website here


6. Small Beer Steam

Praise be! Gone are the days of having to settle for a sub-par brew if you’re looking to dodge the alcohol! Small Beer, founded on the principle that low alcohol content shouldn’t equate to a lack of calibre, have saved us from mediocre pints - and with twice the typical amount of ingredients in every glass, we can see (taste) why!

Absolutely bursting with rich character Steam leaves you with that ultimate post-sip ‘aaaah’ moment, one that carries through, clear headed pint after clear headed pint. 

A uniquely refreshing and rewarding return to our British beer producing roots can be found in each fist sized bottle, ideal for picnics and other outdoor excursions with friends.

Where can I get it? Available in a range of volumes from the Small Beer website here.

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