Summer Reading and Cocktails with Gillian McAllister

This summer we’ve teamed up with Penguin Michael Joseph for their Summer Reading Campaign and three of their fabulous authors. We’ve paired a cocktail to each of the authors new books for three lucky winners each month to receive a book and a cocktail.


To be in with the chance of winning a complementary premium bottled cocktail and Gillian McAllister’s new book: Wrong Place Wrong Time, please follow the competition entry rules below.

Sip away and get lost in this amazing authors novel, while relaxing in your favourite reading spot with a delicious Swygge cocktail.


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Submissions close 26th September 2022. Over 18's only.

September author and cocktail of the month with Gillian McAllister and her new book Wrong Place Wrong Time which we have paired with an Espresso Martini

Interview with Gillian McAllister 

Gillian McAllister is a British Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author, known for seven novels, all of which have been bestsellers. She has been selected for the Reese Witherspoon book club, the Richard and Judy book club, the Radio 2 book club and shortlisted for a national book award.


1. Tell us a little bit about your new book?

Wrong Place Wrong Time tells the story of Jen and Todd: Jen is Todd's mother, and she's waiting up for him. He's past his curfew by the time he ambles up the street and, right in front of Jen, he murders a stranger outside their house. He's remanded in custody, refuses a lawyer, and is charged with murder. Jen returns home to their house - now a crime scene - and goes to bed. But when she wakes up, Todd isn't in the police station: he's in his room, and he has no idea that the crime happened. Jen eventually realises it is the day before the crime. The next time she sleeps, she wakes up the day before that. Somewhere in the past lie the answers, and it's Jen's job to find them.

2. What inspired the idea for your book?

It was inspired by Russian Doll, and me thinking how I'd love to write a timeloop thriller. I quickly realised a Groundhog Day style book might get repetitive, and suddenly the idea that the days move backwards was born. 

3. What part of the book was the most fun to write?

Definitely when Jen starts going further and further back into the past, and I could observe, through her, how the world's changed. 

4. If you could match a cocktail to your book, what would it be and why

Definitely an espresso martini - dark, mysterious, and with a kick at the ending. 

5. Do you relate to any of the characters in your book?

Sometimes...! I think ultimately all of the characters are 'me' to some extent, as I narrate through them and they see the world how I do. But ordinarily I think authors have used up their autobiographical characters by about book three... so if you want to know what I'm like - look in the backlist!! 

6. What comes first for you — the plot or the characters — and why?

The plot, actually, which always surprises people as I write quite character-led fiction. But, for me, I try to get the plot right, and after that point I know what sort of protagonist I'm dealing with (do they need to be brave? Loyal? A procrastinator?). Once I'm at that point I can begin to sketch out characters. 

7. How many books have you written and which is your favourite?

I have just delivered my eighth book and started my ninth! Wrong Place Wrong Time is my current favourite, but that will change. That said, I think it will always have a special place in my heart as it has changed my life so utterly. 

8. How do you like to relax when you read a book?

In the bath, of course! 


Happy Swygging and reading.

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