Could NoLo cocktails really be the future?

No and Low alcohol drinks (NoLo) has been on the rise since consumers turned towards healthier living and conscious alcohol consumption. With this booze-free boom projected to grow more than 30% by 2024, this really could be the future of low alcohol drinking. According to reports by IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, sales were predicted to hit at a value of £558m in 2021. Tesco, said sales of NoLo spirits soared by 106% since the beginning of 2021, and Sainsbury’s had seen a 91% year-on-year increase, with sales in the category growing by 24% last year compared to 2020.

Since the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit brand ‘Seedlip’ fed us our first experience of this kind of drinking, many others have followed suit. Subsequently after seeing the success of their more health conscious adaptation of the market, more and more of our well-loved booze brands are also pouring money into and developing NoLo products, and it is predicted that many more will reach our supermarket shelves in the future. See Swygge’s Top 6 No and Lo Alcohol Brands here.

 Swygge Signature Cocktail Botany – made with Nine Elms (to be released soon)

According to the Bacardi Holiday Survey 2021 53% of global consumers said they intend to follow Dry January in 2022, unless this is just a month-long detox, it’s obvious that NoLo drinks are on the rise, and their reputation shows no signs of slackening.

The Low & No 2021 report by KAM Media, reveals that one in three people in the UK increased their alcohol consumption as a direct result of lockdown. But one in four increased their NOLO consumption, with younger people more likely to do so, being influenced by fitness bloggers and the younger generation just generally being more open to new things. Which according to KAM Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to turn to NoLo, showing that the future of healthier drinking choices could be driven by the younger generation.

Health consciousness though has predated the pandemic, and is progressively at odds with boozing. With mental health on the rise, the agenda is to give our would-be boozers some ‘cocktails for thought’ and provide our customers with more health conscious choices. You may have heard the name ‘Hard Seltzers’ being thrown around, which takes the place of the usual high-sugar champagne, sparkling wine or tonics, and includes a low-alcohol and calorie conscious concoction, usually employing carbonated water and wonky fruits.

Swygge Signature Cocktail Headland High – made with Pentire Seaward (sold here)

People have strong feelings about drinking, and socialising. NoLo drinks give its consumers a positive choice and a feeling of inclusiveness and sophistication. If you’re wanting to get up the next day and do something productive, then NoLo gives you that little bit more of freedom and acceptance by your peers, slowly taking away the days of session drinking and creating their own identity of drinking experiences.

As sober-curiosity grows globally, it’s no longer cool to be seen consuming copious amount of alcohol and people want to feel good about themselves. Apparently eight in ten people are eager to embrace more NoLo options. It appears that consumers are seeking moderation, not abstinence, and there is a clear need to push this category forwards and craft our cocktails with innovative ingredients and combinations to deliver a healthier beverage category, which we welcome as we watch our industry grow, adapt and change. See our mindful section on our Swyggology page for why Swygge is on a mission to inspire a better drinking experience. 


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