O'Hara Desert

O'Hara Desert cocktail in rock glass with dehydrated pineapple garnish.
O'Hara Desert
O'Hara Desert Cocktail in situ with fresh whole pineapple and passionfruit cut in half. Cocktail shaker tins appear to the left of the cocktail.
O'Hara Desert Cocktail

O'Hara Desert

Simply Pour, Shake and Serve

Bacardi® Rum, Banana Liqueur, Fresh Passionfruit Puree, Cold Pressed Fresh Pineapple Juice, Chocolate Bitters Garnish Included.

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These bar quality cocktails are perfect for the hostess with the mostest who loves entertaining.

They are lower in sugar, natural, fresh, organic, and have zero preservatives.

Made by skilled mixologists who craft our own in-house cordials, liqueurs and infusions that go back into your drinks.

Giving you peace of mind that you are not filling your body with low quality sugary drinks

Tasting Notes: Buttery, refreshing, tropical sweetness.

ABV: 21.5%

Allergens: Produced in a cocktail lab that handles nuts.

Shelf Life: Store in a cool dark place and consume within 12 months, once opened refrigerate and consume with 1 month.

Swygge are different because we care about what goes into your bodies and our impact on the planet. Below is a snapshot of what we do differently...

  • Developed by an in-house team of fully trained and experienced mixologists who know how to make bar quality cocktails.
  • The UKs first ready to drink cocktail company that has shelf stable products of 12+months using only natural and fresh ingredients with zero preservatives and stabilisers through a tried and tested filtration process.
  • Uses only natural, fresh and organic ingredients.
  • Swygge partners with crafted alcoholic and non alcoholic spirits brands.
  • Swygge absorb 25% of the shipping costs to make it cheaper for you.
  • Has a strong zero-waste policy on all our leftover fresh produce, creating innovative cordials, shrubs, liqueurs, juice blends and infusions.
  • The only cocktail delivery company that offers zero waste limited edition cocktails.
  • 100% Recyclable packaging.
    Responsibly disposes of all waste and rubbish.
  • Uses the greenest delivery company in the UK.
  • Made with ethical standards, which do not harm people, the planet or animals.
  • Helping the climate crisis by donating a portion of our revenue to help scale emerging carbon technologies.

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information on why Swygge are different.

Serve Size: 200ml (up to two servings). 500ml (up to five servings).

Instructions: Pour 100ml into an ice filled shaker or similar with a lid and shake into life. Strain over an ice filled loball.

Garnish: Dried banana chip.

Recommend glassware: Loball.

Cocktail kit alternatives: If you don’t have a cocktail kit at home, fear not, you can use anything with a tight fitting lid, such as: nutribullet or jam jar to shake your cocktails. An egg cup to measure your serve, which holds approx. 30ml. A kitchen sieve and a wooden spoon to strain your mix from the vessel into your glass (the wooden spoon holds the ice back and the sieve gets rid of loose bits of ice for a clean finish).

For those wishing to elevate their cocktail experience, you can purchase an all in one cocktail shaker and strainer here.

Named after Swygge’s Head Mixologist Kian O’Hara Polhill. This cocktails buttery and golden colour gave us Sahara Desert vibes, so what better way to name it after the man himself who created it. We wanted a drink to take you on a journey, perhaps to the Sahara desert, or as the perfect sipping partner for a hot summers day. The banana liqueur is subtle and pairs so well with the aged rum, and fresh pineapple giving a tropical yet intricate finish.

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These bar quality cocktails make the perfect gift for your loved one on their birthday, anniversary, or as a thank you, get well or congratulations occasion.

Your giftee will love that they come with a personal gift message, and a bar quality experience, giving them peace of mind that they’re not filling their bodies with low quality sugary drinks.

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  • To avoid any possible shipping delays we advise ordering your cocktails to arrive a few days before you wish to be Swygging them.
  • Orders placed after 12pm on a Thursday will be despatched Friday for a Monday delivery unless Saturday delivery is requested (additional fees apply).
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Swygge O'Hara Desert

Genuine Crafted Spirits

Banana Liqueur

Only the best banana liqueur in your O’Hara Desert – We use Créme de Banane, not only because it is the best on the market, and used perfectly ripened bananas which is small-batch distilled to extract the rich banana flavour and natural amber colour, but also because they do not use any artificial flavours like a lot of liqueurs – it’s all natural.

Fresh Pineapple Juice

The freshest and quality produced pineapple juice - we use 100% pure fruit juices, made the way nature intended. Sourcing succulent, fresh produce, which is cold pressed to release the best of the nutrients and flavour, with no added sugar or sweeteners.

Garnish With Every Serve

We believe a garnish is the perfect serve to any cocktail – so we make sure your O’Hara Desert is impeccably served by using organic banana chips to finish your cocktail off perfectly. Meaning you don’t need to fuss doing this yourself. These are also great as a little healthy snack to enjoy during or after your beverage experience.

Shelf Stable

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Really delicious

Oh this was so delicious! Thought it would be really bananary but it's quite subtle. We enjoyed our little banana chip garnish.

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