Why We Rebranded

Who is Swygge and what is its history? 

Swygge was formerly known as The Cocktail Delivery Company or TCDC as we often called it. It was a business that started out of survival during lockdown, when our other company The 43 Club was not able to do any events. Thanks to all of you who knew us back then, it grew beyond anything we could've imagined and left us wondering how we could take TCDC to the next level.

Realising that The Cocktail Delivery Company didn’t have that edge of a unique brand name, we said goodbye to TCDC and hello to ‘Swygge’, which is a combination of the words Swig and the Danish word Hygge.


Our shiny new brand embodies the ethos of the Hygge, through the coming together of friends, family and strangers, to bring comfort, joy and elevation to any occasion. We are mindful of not only what goes into your drinks, but also how your drinks are made and produced. You can read more about this on our Swyggology page here.

We have big plans for the future, and exciting times are ahead, so watch this space, and keep in touch by subscribing to part of the Swygge family, and be the first to know future plans and to receive treats and discounts.

We are really grateful for all your support to date and beyond.

You can find some fond old footage and some famous faces enjoying our beloved TCDC cocktails below...

Thanks and love.

Emily and Rewfus


Enjoying TCDC Cocktails at Home

Enjoying TCDC Cocktails in The Garden

Our friend Josie Gibson enjoying our Rhubarb Gimlet, which she affectionately liked to call the Rhubarb Nimlet. Keep an eye out as this cocktail is set to grace our shop once again very soon, for you to enjoy.


Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling stirring up some passion with our Espresso Martinis.

Amy Childs enjoying her Pina Colada cocktail on her and Tim's bar they created during lock down. 

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