The Ultimate Cocktail Provider Vetting Checklist

If you are considering buying a bottled cocktail, then you’ve probably discovered that there is a lot of different suppliers out there, therefore leaving you a little stumped as to which one to go with, and maybe some questions that you wouldn’t even think to ask.

This is why we have created the ultimate cocktail provider vetting checklist.

Am I selecting a good cocktail provider? This question is so important because the expertise and integrity of your cocktail provider will play a huge role in determining whether you buy and trust ready to drink bottled cocktails again in the future. As this is a new market in the drinks industry, it can greatly damage the reputation of this new ready to drink category if you choose a bad provider. 

To assist you in this process, we at Swygge have put together a checklist to help you vet potential providers. This checklist is based on our experience of not only having drinks industry knowledge since 1999 with which we have served 1000s of customers in the hospitality sector, but also from helping hundreds of clients via the events industry with putting high class bars and consultancy into events. This gives us an unparalleled advantage in creating amazing drinks with all the trimmings and the right care and attitude towards the environment and what goes into your bodies, by creating clean cocktails with a conscious drink message and ethical standards.  

This checklist will help you identify various criteria to look for when selecting your cocktail provider, so let’s jump right in!

The Ultimate Cocktail Provider Vetting Checklist

1| Are the cocktails pasteurised and/ or made with preservatives?

These elements although not harmful can change the quality and flavour of a good cocktail. Therefore, meaning it will not give you that fresh tasting cocktail experience as though it has been made right in front of you.

2 | Are the cocktails blended with recognisable spirits or better still crafted spirits

For example, when you purchase an Espresso Martini, you expect it to have Vodka in, however some cocktail providers blend with cheap fruit-based spirits, meaning your cocktail isn’t really a true Espresso Martini or the like.

3 | Are the cocktails made by mixology experts?

Mixology is an art, and it take years of knowledge, practice, and experience to hone these skills. It’s a science and therefore if you are buying a cocktail then you want to know that your drink has been blended with expertise and skill, giving you that bar quality cocktail that you are looking for.

4 | Is your drink made with an ethical outlook?

Has the cocktail provider sourced ethical ingredients that do not harm people, the planet or animals? For example, is their coffee fair trade if they sell coffee-based cocktails, and are their ingredients vegan friendly?

5 | Does the company have good sustainability credentials?

Does the cocktail provider use local suppliers where possible, or use suppliers with good sustainability credentials? Do they contribute to help the climate crisis or similar organisation? Do they operate on a zero waste policy with all their leftover produce at their factory?

6 | Is their packaging recyclable?

You want to know that anything you consume can be recycled or reused. So, does the cocktail provider use recyclable packaging, or do they offer a service where you can send this back to their facility? And do they properly recycle their waste at their factory?

7 | How do they deliver your cocktails?

Firstly, do they offer next day delivery at a reasonable price, and can you track your shipment easily to have full control over it. Secondly, and most importantly have they chosen a green courier to do the job?

8 | Reviews and Ratings

Collectively, the cocktail provider should have at least a 5:1 good review to bad review ratio. It should also show that they respond reasonably to negative reviews.

9 | Have they gone through HACCP and SALSA accreditation?

Has the cocktail provider taken steps to get the necessary accreditation in order to make sure your cocktails are made to the highest hygiene standards? Have the products been shelf life tested?

10 | Is their pricing transparent and explainable?

If the cocktail provider shy’s away from explaining their pricing, then how reputable and open really is this company?

Our cocktails are expertly crafted and blended by trained mixologists who have wealth of knowledge in the industry. You can find out more on Swygge by visiting our pricing page.

If you have any questions or comments feel free, as always, to leave them below.

Thanks and have fun with your search!

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