The Best Cocktail Delivery Companies in the UK

If you’re in the market for a bottled cocktail, you’re probably looking for a single resource that lists the most prominent bottled cocktail companies in the UK.

As a manufacturer of Premium Bottled Cocktails, we are often asked our about other companies. Because we believe strongly in answering the questions we are asked and being transparent, we have put together the following list of the 10 most prominent cocktail delivery companies in the UK in alphabetical order.

As you vet the various companies, please remember that although you might just be looking to buy your favourite cocktail, that is only half of the equation. The cocktail company with whom you will actually do your custom with should be responsible for properly mixing your drink to the highest standard, delivering this to you quickly, provide exceptional customer service, whilst also being kind to the environment.

If you'd like a reliable guide to assist you in researching the best cocktail provider, check out our Ultimate Cocktail Provider Vetting Checklist.

Top 10 Ranking Cocktail Delivery Companies


Established by a group of friends in London who love cocktails, they now serve their creations in wine style bottles of 70cl, which give you approximately 7-10 cocktails. They predominantly sell twists on well known classics that are ready to pour into your glass.


Born in London and offering single serve cocktails, these are available in boxes of 3 – 24. They offer a variety of flavours from classics to signatures and include the garnishes, along with their own branded merchandise.


Alongside their bottled cocktails they also have the option to do online masterclasses. They have 70cl bottles to serve 10 cocktails or 40cl bottles to serve 6, their cocktails are designed for you to add additional juices to get the desired cocktail finish.


With classics and some unusual signature flavour profiles, they offer their pre-mixed drinks in a variety of sizes. From a single serve pouch, 200ml bottles (2 serves), 500ml bottles (5 serves) and lastly 3 Litre Party Pouches giving you 30 serves.


Offering an extensive cocktail list of classics and twists on classics, and an old fashioned menu along with non alcoholics. Doorstep Bartender serve their drinks in 1 litre pouches serving 8-10 cocktails, 500ml bottles serving 4-5 cocktails or 250ml bottles serving 2 cocktails.


With its roots in Suffolk they have created a menu of traditional classics and their own signatures. They serve their drinks by the litre or a box of six 100ml bottles, where you can also buy glassware to serve your cocktails in.


Originating in the Highlands of Scotland MYXD now deliver their drinks nationwide across the UK. They sell their cocktails in pouches giving you a single serving, where you can purchase a single serve or buy a box of five or ten.


Nio Cocktails is a letterbox cocktail delivery company which sell single serves in a card envelope. You can choose cocktails to fill a box of 3, 6 or 9, and their menus were created by actual mixology trained bartenders.


Tapp’d Cocktails is a family run, Essex-based ready to drink bottled cocktail company. They sell bottled and canned cocktails from popular well-known classics and you can purchase these in packs of 6 or 12.


Serving an array of beers, wines, spirits and ready to drink cocktails which include classics and signatures. You can purchase a bottle which contain 4 cocktail serves. You can also buy cocktails kits to mix your own cocktails from scratch.

We hope you've found this helpful and wish you well on your journey to find the perfect bottled cocktail delivery service for you, your friends and family.

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